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Are you a P&C insurance agent trying to find successful ways to pivot in today’s housing market? If so, this post is for you!


Here we talk about the struggle to generate quality insurance leads and how to tap into referral marketing for P&C insurance agents to address that challenge.


Generating quality p&c insurance leads can be a real challenge for insurance agents, especially when the housing market is unstable.


Every agent wants to have strong relationships with referral partners – but how do you make that happen?


I used to struggle with this too, when I was just starting my career as an insurance agent. Until I learned to leverage referral marketing for p&c insurance agents. Let me share my story and insights on acquiring quality p&c insurance leads through referral marketing.

My sad past as a “loser” insurance agent

On January 14th, 2016 I posted THIS meme on Facebook…



With the caption:

“My morning 😑 #whyyoulying”


I posted this publicly!


…as if struggling to sell more insurance policies was something to show off 🤦‍♂️


But the truth is…


This is the sad reality for the huge majority of agency owners.


And it was the same for me too.


I was skipping dinner with the family on an almost nightly basis…

(The number of times I must’ve called up my then-girlfriend Angela saying “sorry babe, I won’t be home till late again tonight” is seriously depressing)


I was always heading into the office on Saturdays too…


Frankly I got sick of watching my 9-5 friends (who worked half as hard as I did) get to take vacations to Mexico and Europe…


Toss on top of that all the cold calling.. networking events.. wasted money on garbage internet leads…


And I got so close to total burnout that I even considered going back to IT.

…just to have a steady income and a fixed 40 hours.


But instead I smartened up and made one small “pivot” inside my agency.


Specifically on HOW I went about attracting new business.

(notice I said attracting, not chasing)


…and it was this one pivot that launched me to Agency Owner Millionaire


Wanna know what it is?

It’s called “The Referral Partner Attraction Strategy”


Inside I’ll be showing you:


– What the pivot I made inside my agency was.


– How it can add an extra 25-30 P&C deals a month to your bottom line.. potentially inside the next 90 days.


– And how to replicate this strategy yourself – including costs, how much time does it take, what kind of results to expect, etc.

Referral Marketing for P&C Insurance Agents

THIS is going to save the housing market yet no one’s talking about it…


It’s no secret referral marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow and scale your business as a property and casualty insurance agent…


The only problem..


Is that referrals aren’t the easiest thing to come by.


And this is made even WORSE by the state of the housing market for the past year or so.


But listen…


I’m here to tell you some good news.


Because while many insurance agencies have put “relationship building” on the back-burner, waiting for the market to tick back up again…


Homes are still getting sold thanks to ONE demographic.




p&c insurance leads new home buyer


Here, see for yourself…