Uncategorizedhome and auto insurance leads key to success as an insurance agent

If you’re an insurance agent, you know that leads are the foundation of a successful insurance business. Without them, it’s virtually impossible to grow your client list and make any meaningful income.


Luckily, good quality home and auto insurance leads provide nearly limitless opportunities providing agents a way to improve their skills while building relationships with potential clients that can turn into long-term happy customers.

What is the best type of leads for insurance agents?

There’s no better way to jumpstart your success as an insurance agent than by utilizing both home insurance leads and automobile insurance leads!


Right now is the perfect time to fortify the number of homeowners insurance referrals you get from the mortgage pros in your area.


Yes… even though the housing market’s on its last legs.


Now, I’m willing to bet there was one MASSIVE doubt that sprang to your mind.


It probably went something like…

“What good are home insurance leads for agents if the entire housing market’s going belly up?”


Fair enough.


And while sure, there will definitely be less homes getting sold over the coming 1-2 years…


That’s no reason to believe you can’t still pivot to an almost entirely referral-based insurance agency.


Actually, it goes one step further…


The opportunity to build solid referral relationships – the ones that net you 9-10 home deals a month…


Is BIGGER right now than it’s ever been before.


Here’s why 👇


First of all let’s look at the stats.


Even if we slumped all the way down to 2008 levels…


We’d still be looking at a grand total of around 4 ​​​​​​​million homes sold.



In other words…


A lot more than what you’d need to hit $100K+ a year in home insurance commissions.


Wait.. thinking it’s not possible in YOUR specific area?


When I first went independent, I was driving 3 hours+ to meet with some of the top LO’s in all of Florida.


Not to mention you can get licensed in other states too.


The opportunities out there are abundant for those who’ve got the work ethic to go grab ‘em.


The only thing that will hurt most middle class insurance agents…


Is the massive ‘wealth transfer’ we’re about to see among Loan Officers themselves.


Where the bulk of homes still getting sold…


Are going to concentrate into the hands of the top 15-20%.


For example – what might be 1,000 Loan Officers operating in any given area right now…


Could easily drop down to something like 200.


With the remaining 200 swallowing up all the home deals that would’ve been shared among the 800 that perished.


So if any referral partners you’ve got now are in the bottom 80%…


I’m not sure how many referrals I’d be expecting from them.


At first glance this might all sound a bit grim.


But make no mistake…


There is massive opportunity for the right kind of insurance agent.


And here’s why:


LO’s and Realtors for the last decade have been enjoying a boom market.


Especially the top 15-20% performers in any given area.


So they didn’t need help from anyone else – especially not insurance agents – to sell loads of homes and close tons of refinance deals.


But now… that’s not the case.


And since it is true that less homes are being sold…


LO’s are open to hearing from insurance agents offering to help them take over a bigger piece of the market while it’s up for grabs.